Top Skills that could give you a head start in sales



It’s often thought that people need a very specific skill set to work in sales. In reality though, a whole range of different aptitudes can help you to succeed in these roles. Here are just three of the abilities that could enable you to flourish in this field.

  1. An ability to communicate

It won’t come as a surprise that strong communication is important in sales, but it’s important to bear in mind that this is about more than just being able to talk persuasively. Good communication is about being able to listen too. This will help you to tailor the information you give to people and strike up a rapport with them.

You don’t need prior experience in sales roles in order to have good communication skills. Direct marketing experts Appco UK note that a whole range of different activities can help to make you stronger in this area. Appco points out that most people can draw on experience of dealing with many different people, from fellow students at school to family members and colleagues. The company also highlights the fact that experience involving customer service can prove useful.

  1. Strong time management

One aspect of sales work that’s often overlooked is the importance of good organisation. Many of these roles give you flexibility in terms of your schedule. So, to achieve the results you’re looking for, you’ll need to make sure you put your time to good use – and this means planning your days effectively. If you’re used to meeting deadlines, whether it’s handing essays in on time, getting the kids to school each morning or completing tasks at work under pressure, you should find that this comes naturally.

  1. Confidence to think on your feet

No two conversations with potential customers are the same, so when you work in sales, you need to be able to think on your feet. The people who perform best in these roles can respond to the questions and comments they face and problem solve on the spot. According to Appco Group, while this may seem daunting at first, you could be much better at relying on your instincts and judgement than you realise. From negotiating better deals on your car insurance or mobile phone contract to stepping in to resolve disagreements between friends or family members, there’ll be countless examples of you using your initiative to achieve the outcomes you want.

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