How to work on remote work exchanges?

If you are a freelancer, then you choose your own model of behavior on remote work exchanges. And it often happens that novice freelancers make a number of mistakes that can lead to disastrous results. The most common of them are easily solved.

First mistake. Early decisions.

If you rush too much, then your account may be considered fake, or even completely fraudulent. Many do this: gain a large number of good reviews, and then throw someone “big.” This is not uncommon, so everyone taking a freelancer is very cautious about this problem. For starters, it’s best to get used to the company.

The second mistake. In a strange monastery with its own rules.

The rules on freelance exchanges have been created for a very long time, so they are verified by many years of experience. And if you are too presumptuous, then it’s better not to show it, trying to change the current state of affairs. Much depends on the approval of a freelancer society.

The third mistake. Young green.

A freelancer is an active person, who usually leads and knows how to argue. But such open confrontations for beginners is not very good. The beginner has too little knowledge to argue along with experienced ones. So, do not try to convince someone of something that you yourself have not figured out to the end.

The fourth mistake, the last. Courtesy lessons.

In childhood, everyone was taught courtesy. And you should not forget about them at the freelance website. By declaring yourself in a very sassy, ​​and even rude form, you thereby receive anonymous minuses that adversely affect the position in the ranking.

As you can see, all these errors are obvious. But, for some reason, many beginners make them. It is worth considering all of them, and then a large load will fall from the shoulders.

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